Maddie Baugette Necklace - Meg & Zoe
Maddie Baugette Necklace - Meg & Zoe

Maddie Baugette Necklace

Modern & minimalist dainty necklace. Simply Wear it alone or Easy mix & match with other necklace to create your look your way.
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Size Length : 40-45mm
• 925 Sterling Silver
• Hypoallergenic - Suitable for sensitive skin.
• Plated with 14k/18k gold, rose gold or rhodium/ silver.
Avoid bathing in jewellery, long term exposure to water and soap can cause plating to fade faster. Some stones are porous and water can cause discoloration.

Perfume, hair products and other elements such as perspiration can lead to tarnishing. Alcohol based products can tarnish gold and rose-gold plating irreparably.
Store jewellery away from sunlight and bathroom. Always store jewellery separately.

Before storing, rinse your jewellery with water and gently wipe each piece clean of make-up and skin oil with a cotton cloth. Air dry and then store.

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