Jewellery Care & Wear

Wonder why the jewellery tarnish easily? Here’s the tip to make it lasts.

Key Point – Keep it dry and store it separately.

Never bathe or spray perfume on your jewellery. Chemical reactions with perfume, hair products and other elements such as perspiration can lead to tarnishing.

Over time, the plating will start to wear. This is the normal wear and tear process of any costume jewellery.

Never use abrasives chemicals / acidic solution or products to clean your jewellery. Any alcohol-based products can tarnish gold and silver plating irreparably. We recommend using Anti Tarnish Silver Polishing cloth.

After each wear, rinse your jewellery with water and gently wipe each piece clean of makeup and skin oils with a polishing or cotton cloth.


Humidity is the cause of the tarnishing. Seal and store your pieces in a ziplock after cleaning it (never keep your jewellery in the bathroom cos it is too humid).

Store jewellery away from sunlight.

Always store jewellery separately so it doesn’t scratch other jewellery or get tangled.

Love your jewellery – the more you wear, the less it oxidises.

Keep it clean and enjoy!