Meg & Zoe

Meg & Zoe

Discover a sense of self within simplicity

This is the cornerstone of our brand, crafting minimalist jewellery that sparks renewal for self and the simple pleasures in life. From a slow morning with a cuppa in hand to a night out with your girls, there is a bespoke piece of candour for every special moment in life. Inspired by minimalism and the versatility within simplicity, Meg & Zoe sell jewellery crafted with the intention to keep it affordable, subtle and perfect for everyday wear.

The Brand

The Founders.

The brand name was inspired by our two beautiful girls, Meghan and Zoey, capturing the essence of precious moments with the people we hold closest. Curated by the founders in their 20’s & 40’s, they decided that precious moments and simple beauty can be felt for woman at all ages, for all occasions.

Inspired by artisanal pieces that are long lasting and founded a brand that crafts unique, affordable, and minimalist jewellery that can be worn everyday and all different occasions.